Substrates for professional use

Novarbo Oy develops and supplies high-quality substrates for professional growers. Our large product selection covers both traditional and organic production, and we can also supply custom-made products. All products are manufactured and packed in Finland or Estonia.

Taking care of quality and environment are of utmost importance in all our operations. The Novarbo growth substrates are manufactured in the Biolan Oy's factory,which also has a laboratory where the quality control of the Novarbo products is being carried. The used methods of analysis comply with the EN standards.

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Products: Substrates

Seedling cultivation

We have several growth peat options and screenings available for the cultivation of seedlings. Our organic sowing mixture is enriched with beneficial Gliocladium microorganisms.






Nursery products and forest seedlings

Our nursery mixture has been specifically developed for nursery cultivation. The mixture is coarse and made to order with added slow-release fertilisers.

Our forest seedling peat is specially screened and lightly limed white peat moss.





Bedding and potted plants

We have a large selection of substrate mixtures for bedding and potted plants. We can supply ready-to-use mixtures with different particle sizes to match the pH requirements of different plants.







Vegetables, berries and herbs

Our substrates are made with screened white peat moss that is an excellent choice for growing vegetables, berries and herbs. White peat moss is also used in our substrate mixtures. Our products come fertilised and limed.

We also supply various substrate mixtures and packing sizes for organic cultivation.