Fertilisers for Organic Cultivation

Novarbo's organic fertilisers Aino and Arvo are developed for natural farming and plant care. These liquid and granulated fertilisers are suitable for use on fields and in gardens and as well as in greenhouses.

Novarbo Aino Fertilisers

Liquid organic fertilisers, nitrogen fertiliser concentrate, Aino 5-0-0 and nitrogen-potassium fertiliser concentrate Aino 3-0-3 and Aino 1-0-3 are all suitable for use as a supplementary fertiliser in organic production. These fertilisers are manufactured using the nitrogen released during composting, which is liquefied. The fertilisers ensure that the supply of nutrients to the vegetable seedlings is sufficient and that the nutrient levels of the greenhouse vegetables are maintained during the heavy yield stress.

Aino Seaweed Extract is a natural conditioner that stimulates plant growth, and improves their resistance to frost and uptake of nutrients. It also increases their resistance against pests and fungal diseases. The effect of the extract is based on substances and growth hormones that improve the solubility of trace elements in the algae.

Novarbo Arvo fertiliser

Novarbo Arvo organic fertilisers improve soil fertility and crop yield. Our fertiliser mixes are pure, organic products. In addition to the primary nutrients, they contain micronutrients. Organic Arvo fertilisers can be used on the field and in the garden. 

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