Novarbo's Greenhouse Technology Solutions

The Novarbo system includes greenhouse cooling, climate control, moisture removal and Heat Reuse. As a new hardware application, we are offering our Vertical Farming solution that combines all areas of the system.


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Novarbo Vertical Farming

We have developed a unique water-cooled led lighting system that can be combined to heat recovery system. Integrated lighting, led cooling and recovered heat together form a highly energy efficient system, where vertical farm turns from energy eater into energy creator.

Advantages and benefits:

  • Water cooling increases led lighting lifetime
  • Significant annual energy savings
  • The heat can be recovered and collected for reuse 
  • Saves fresh water
  • Distilled and clean water can be reused
  • Short growing period 
  • High yield per m2


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Novarbo Heat ReuseTM

Novarbo Heat Reuse™ system is an environmentally friendly and energy efficient way to manage energy economy of a modern greenhouse. It is a new solution which enables cost efficient greenhouse climate control. 

Advantages and benefits: 

  • Even 40 % higher crop yield 1
  • Reuse already paid heat, save 1000 kWh per m2
  • Often more economical solution compared to new heat power investment
  • Payback time even less than one year 2


​1) The results are based on tests at research institutes and professional growers. Factors impacting to the higher crop yield include higher planting density, higher CO2 level, better air circulation and increased light level. With Novarbo Heat Reuse more lights can be installed, because system collects and reuses heat produced by the lights. 

2) Depending on energy prices, temperature of the cultivated plants, etc. 

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