Novarbo Growth Peat CC1

Of screened white spaghnum moss, suitable for use as such as growth substrate within plant production as well as in production of small potted plants.

CC1 is screened, white peat moss, which is fertilised with basic peat fertiliser and limed. As such, the peat is a suitable substrate for plant production. Special fine-screening is favourable for production of small balled plants Start additional fertilisation immediately after the plants emerge.

Recommended use: plant production

PACKAGE SIZE: 280/320 l
PACKAGE: pressed bale
SALES LOT: 21/24 pcs.
PALLET: one-way pallet

PACKAGE SIZE: 5,000 - 6,000 l
PACKAGE: big bale
SALES LOT: 1 pc.
PALLET: one-way pallet