Novarbo Forest Seedling Peat B1F

Specially screened and scarcely limed white spaghnum moss for production of forest seedlings.

Forest Seedling Peat is a specially screened and only slightly limed white spaghnum moss, which is fertilised with basic peat fertiliser. As such, this peat is suitable as substrate for forest seedlings. Start additional fertilisation immediately after the plants emerge. On request, the Forest Seedling Peat is also available with added slow-release fertiliser.

Recommended use: conifer trees, seedling production

possible additives: wetting agent and slowly soluble fertilisers
coarseness: medium-coarse
conductivity: 23 mS/m
pH: sour

PACKAGE: pressed bale
SALES LOT: 21 pcs.
PALLET: one-way pallet