Novarbo Substrate B1F (forestry peat)

Novarbo Substrate BF1 (forestry substrate) is a specially screened and only slightly limed white peat moss, which is fertilised with basic NPK-fertiliser. As such, the product is suitable as substrate for forest seedlings. Start supplementary fertilization at the beginning of the cultivation. On request, B1FL is also available with slow-release fertiliser..

Recommended use: conifer trees, seedling production

possible additives: wetting agent and slowly soluble fertilisers
coarseness: medium-coarse
conductivity: 23 mS/m
pH: sour

PACKAGE: pressed bale
SALES LOT: 21 pcs.
PALLET: one-way pallet

The volume printed on package is input volume at the moment of packing measured with EN 13040.