Novarbo Mosswool

Mosswool is a growth slab for cultivation of greenhouse vegetables and berries. Mosswool contains Sphagnum moss that gives more air and water retention capacity for the slab. The slab is limed but not fertilized. Mosswool is ready to use slab: its watering is easy because the slab doesn’t swell, and the slab stays in it form for the whole cultivation time. After the use Mosswool slab can be composted. 

Screening: 6-20 mm
EC: 4 mS/m
pH: 5,7
Package sizes: 7x20x50 and 7x20x100 (height, width, length cm)


  • 50 cm long slab: 336 pc/pallet
  • 100 cm long slab: 168 pc/pallet

PALLET: one-way pallet