Novarbo Aino Seaweed Extract

Aino Seaweed Extract is a liquid conditioner for plants that is suitable for organic production. Suitable for plant production, outdoor vegetables and garden.

Aino Seaweed Extract is a natural conditioner that stimulates plant growth, and improves their resistance to frost and uptake of nutrients. It also increases their resistance against pests and fungal diseases. The effect of the extract is based on substances and growth hormones that improve the solubility of trace elements in the algae.

Use and dosage

Use: in organic plant production, for outdoor vegetables, berry plants, ornamental plants, foliage plants.

Concentration: 0,5–3 %


Product information: Total potassium (K) 0.6%. Organic matter contents 50%. Auxin, abscisic acid, betaine, growth hormones and cytokinin.

Package sizes: A can of 25-litres