Novarbo Aino 3-0-3

A liquid nitrogen-potassium fertiliser concentrate that is suitable for use as a supplementary fertiliser in organic production. Increases the ability of plants to tolerate stress factors.

Liquid nitrogen fertiliser concentrate Aino 3-0-3 is a powerful organic fertiliser. 

These fertilisers are manufactured using the ammonia gas released during composting. 

Use and dosage

Use: In organic plant production or as a supplementary nutrient, for example, for cucumber, tomato and pepper throughout the harvest season as well as a supplementary fertiliser for park areas

Dosing: the fertiliser is applied mixed with irrigation water as solution from 0.2 to 1.0%


Product information: nitrogen (N) 3 %, phosphorus (P) 0%, potassium (K) 3 %

Package sizes: A can of 25-litres and a container of 1,000-litres