Novarbo BC2 Organic G

Novarbo Substrate BC2 Organic G is organically fertilised white peat moss. The product is limed, and composted chicken manure has been used for fertilization.

Product screening is improved to ease filling of the pots. Product contains beneficial Cliocladium microbes.

The product is suitable as raw material for substrate mixtures and can be used as such for cultivation or plant production.

Suitable for organic farming.

Novarbo BC2 organic G substrate is listed on Ecocert list.

Conductivity: 28 mS/m
pH: 6,2
Coarseness: 0-15 mm

SALES LOT: 30 pcs
PALLET: one-way pallet

The volume printed on package is input volume at the moment of packing measured with EN 13040.