Mossgrow B0

Mossgrow B0 is screened mixture of sphagnum moss and white peat moss with no fertilizer or lime. The product has a combined characteristics of sphagnum moss and ordinary white peat moss. It is easily water taking, well aerated and best possible material for seedlings, young plants and sensitive plants.

Recommended for substrate mixtures

The Mossgrow product family includes substrates containing sphagnum moss and peat moss. Robust sphagnum moss is easy to wet and retains water well while staying soft. Sphagnum moss is also an antiseptic material. These properties make it an excellent substrate for producing seedlings and cultivating plants with delicate roots. 

Sphagnum moss is a quickly renewing material native to Finland. The sphagnum moss used in the Mossgrow products is collected with a patented collection machine.

PACKAGE SIZE: 280/320 l
PACKAGE: pressed bale
SALES LOT: 21/24 pcs.
PALLET: one-way pallet