Novarbo Arvo 11-1-2-1

Novarbo Arvo 11-1-2-1 is an organic fertiliser. Contains blood meal, chicken manure and potassium sulphate.

Product information: Nitrogen (N) 11 % (water-soluble 0,2%), phosphorus (P) 1 %, potassium (K) 2 %, sulphur (S) 1 %

Package sizes: 600 kg

The dosage of Novarbo Arvo fertilizers should be based on the nutrient requirement of the plants and the fertility of the soil. When calculating the amount of primary nutrients, it is estimated that during the first harvest season all the potassium and 75% of the nitrogen and phosphorus content is available to the plant. 

Novarbo Arvo fertilizers have a coarse aggregate structure and can be distributed using conventional fertiliser spreaders. Band placement improves the effectiveness of fertilisation.

Dosage (kg/ha): Peas, broad beans, grass 500-1000

Dosage is calculated based on nitrogen requirement of the plants.