Novarbo Arvo 4-1-2

Arvo 4-1-2 is an efficient organic fertiliser for garden, vegetable gardens, vegetable plots and cereals.

An organic fertiliser that includes chicken manure and all the nutrients that plants need. This organic fertiliser stimulates the activity of the micro-organisms in the soil and increases its humus content.

Product information: nitrogen (N) 4%, phosphorus (P) 1%, potassium (K) 2%, copper (Cu) 0.01%, iron (Fe) 0.10%, manganese (Mn) of 0.04%, zinc ( Zn) 0.02%

Package sizes: 25 kg (40 pcs/FIN-pallet 1015 kg) and 650 kg

Use and dosage

Use: for organic plant production, for outdoor vegetables, for berry plants and ornamental plants.

The dosage of Novarbo Arvo 4-1-2 is based on the nutrient requirement of the plants and the fertility of the soil. When calculating the amount of primary nutrients, it is estimated that during the first harvest season all the potassium and 75% of the nitrogen and phosphorus content is available to the plant. If the soil is poor in potassium, we recommend using Novarbo 6-3-5 that has higher potassium content. 

Novarbo Arvo 4-1-2 has a coarse aggregate structure and can be distributed using conventional fertiliser spreaders. Band placement improves the effectiveness of fertilisation.
In greenhouse farming the required amount of fertiliser can be applied in one go. The fertiliser will then not be mixed with the substrate but it is placed, for example, in a band inside the substrate.

Dosage (kg/ha):
cabbages 2,500-5,700, outdoor cucumber 3,000-5,700, onion 1,700-2,700 , carrot and beetroot 2,000-4,200, potato 1,000-2,000, cereals 1,500-2,700, currants 500-750, strawberry 300-500

Dosage (kg/a): 
shrubs and cultivated roses 16.0-26.0, perennials and bedding plants 13.0-20.0 , ornamental and fruit trees 2-3/tree, park and garden lawns 13.0-20.0

Dosage is calculated based on nitrogen requirement of the plants.